Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer Ramblings - Wyoming II

These photos were all taken at the home of Daphne Grimes, who hosted the reunion of table 162, early seating, from the 2008 World Cruise on Holland America Line's ms Amsterdam. The group was very gracious in adopting me. I had met some of them last summer on our road trip/honeymoon. I got to know the rest of them at this reunion. Unfortunately Carol & Darrell Wright couldn't make it, as Carol w
as having emergency knee surgery. We made a group call to them the evening of our official reunion dinner, which was a great success. The people present were Claire Dewberry (in the Hard Rock t-shirt, Jack & Anita Timmel (at head of the table& far right), Daphne (in the striped shirt), Bryan & Pat Turner (on th
e left in the 3rd & 4th photos from the bottom; and of course, Harry & me. Claire gave me a nice engraved luggage tag to welcome me to the group. We had a wonderful time, and I felt very welcomed as a member of the group.

For the record, the mountain viewed from Daphne's window is Heart Mountain.

This last photo was taken at the Irma Hotel in Cody, at our farewell luncheon. The group from left to right is Claire Dewberry, Daphne Grimes, Pat Turner, Bryan Turner, Susan Stone, Harry Stone, Anita Timmel, and Jack Timmel

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