Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Ramblings - Wyoming

We started this trip with a month-long stay at the beach house in Duck, NC. From there we did the usual go to New Jersey to visit relatives. We stopped in Kansas City, MO to visit my friends, the Fromans (dinner companions on the Prinsendam in 2007). We had originally planned to go back through South Dakota on our way to Cody, Wyoming, where we were scheduled to have a reunion of table 162 from the world cruise (Harry's dinner mates). There was a change of plans, though, because we had bought me a new Apple computer, and were not able to get an appointment scheduled with them anywhere near the KC area. So we headed for Denver, where they had plenty of appointments available. We did not take any photos, but we enjoyed our drive through Kansas. Contrary to what we had been told, it is neither flat nor boring. We spent a night in Goodland, KS, which we found out later was on Mountain Time, rather than Central, as is the rest of the state. The appointment in Denver went well; we were scheduled for 4pm, arrived just over 3 hours early, and they were able to reschedule us for 1pm! That enabled us to get back on the road to Cody and make good progress. We had multiple sightings of prairie dogs and a few pronghorn antelope. We spent that night in Casper, WY - the most miserable motel stay we've ever had: no hot water, mal-functioning air conditioning, a very soft bed, and no wireless internet (and no splitter to enable both of us to hook up to the wired internet at the same time). We survived, and were very happy to arrive at our comfortable quarters in Cody, at Thomas The Apostle Center. The reunion was at the home of Daphne Grimes, the Episcopal priest who blessed our marriage for us last summer, and who was part of table 162. The drive from Casper to Cody on I-25 was great. Lots of sightings of pronghorn antelope. The guy in the photo was lying on the ground next to the fence. We turned around because we figured it was time to start to start taking some photos. When we found him, he stood up and posed for us, trotting off when I had finished shooting photos. Our drive took us through Wind River Canyon, which is a scenic byway, and absolutely gorgeous. It has a beautiful, fast-moving river with rapids, interesting rock formations,

wildflowers, and a train track which goes through tunnels on the opposite side of the river. One lucky person/family has a house right down next to the river. The rock formations were very interesting- my photo selection doesn't really show them off very well- and once we exited the canyon, the scenery continued very beautiful. Driving through this part of the country gives me a really good idea of the vast expanses included in our nation.

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