Monday, September 28, 2009

San Antonio Botanical Garden 2009 Part 2

We spent parts of September 17 and 18 at the San Antonio Botanical Garden. The first day it was Harry and I; the second day we had kids and grandkids with us.

The botanical garden is an amazing place. Even in mid-September there was a profusion of blooms, including many things I don't recall seeing before. This despite the drought San Antonio has been experiencing. There were some places where this showed, most notably the dry fountains. The lake in the area showcasing the different regions of Texas appeared to be pretty much unaffected.

Besides all the gorgeous flower displays, there was plenty of wildlife to watch. There was the squirrel who was in a tree above us when we stopped to rest on a bench for a few minutes, who was eating a nut & dropping pieces on Harry's head. There was a great egret who was just hanging around at the lake, staying very visible. There were fish in the lake, turtles (mostly red sliders) that would come around looking for handouts, along with the usual ducks and other common birds - even eastern cardinals, which I really don't expect to see in Texas.

The garden has a special display going through mid-December of Big Bugs, which warrants a separate blog entry. The botanical garden has become my favorite place to visit in San Antonio.

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