Sunday, September 27, 2009

San Antonio River Walk - A More Intimate Look

On this visit to San Antonio we had several free days, so after completing my appointment at the Apple store, we headed for the River Walk. Last year we took the cruise to show us the walk. This year we decided to walk around it. We had enjoyed the cruise, but the walk around allowed us a closer look at everything. For me this was a much more pleasant experience, because it was possible to get good photos of whatever I wanted to remember. We stopped for lunch at the Ole Café; the food was mediocre (no zip to the salsa, mediocre chips, American idea of Mexican food), but the view was beautiful.

We got in a good walk and even took the time to sit by the water for a while to work on a crossword puzzle. All in all, a pleasant day. This is a place that can be enjoyed many times, and it is just a short walk from the Alamo, another great attraction in this city.

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