Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer Ramblings - Moab to Tucson

The next leg of our journey took us from Moab, UT to Tucson, AZ. We opted to go to Tucson rather than go straight home, because we wanted to stop again at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. We continued on US-191 south until we got to US-160, which took us through Arizona. The first surprise of the day was about 10 miles south of Moab where we saw Wilson's Arch, which is not only beautiful but very close to the highway. We had another surprise when we saw the reservoir for Recapture Dam. Although we were past all the areas worthy of national park status, we still found the scenery quite interesting, both in Utah and Arizona. At one point where US-190 made a left turn, we started to miss it, which would have put us on US-163, but we caught the mistake quickly and turned around. Too bad! Had we stayed on US-163 we would have gone through Monument Valley in extreme southern Utah. As it was, we caught glimpses of some of the formations in the distance. On US-160, in the vicinity of Church Rock (one of the unique rock formations), we were stopped for a while waiting for traffic to pass from the other direction - some of our stimulus money at work, no doubt. The drive was very scenic, and we reached Tucson without incident.

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