Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Texas in Spring

This last weekend we took a trip from El
Paso to San Antonio to visit family, and I was delighted to see all the spring wildflowers along the way. Since this is desert on the El Paso end and it's still fairly dry near San Antonio, there were no tall plants. If you keep your eyes open, there is much to see. The first couple of photos were taken at one of the rest stops on the way to San Antonio. The yellow flower is a nightshade and the orange a poppy.

The remaining photos were taken when we stopped on the roadside specifically to take flower pictures. It was exciting to see my first bluebonnets. They were blooming close to mile marker 310, which further west than Harry has seen them before. There were multiple places where we saw the lavender verbenas, lots of yellow daisies, and seemingly equal numbers of the yellow evening primroses, especially in
the medi

I was especially intrigued by this tree that is growing at the west-bound rest stop on I-10 at mile marker 50. A little research proved it to be a Tamarisk or Salt Cedar, which is actually an invasive tree. Sad to know that since it is so pretty when blooming.

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