Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chihuahua Desert Garden at UTEP

The weekend prior to our trip to San Antonio we went to the poppy celebration out at the archeology museum, located where Transmountain Road starts up into the Franklin Mountains. Unfortunately there were no poppies, but we still had a good time, and the scenery was gorgeous. There are some groups that are trying to get the area turned into a state park. In the meantime, not much can happen in that area because there is a lot of unexploded ordnance around (it's in the area of Fort Bliss).

Our quest for poppies took us to the Chihuahua Desert Garden at the University of Texas, El Paso. This campus is also home to the Sun Bowl. There we found not only poppies, but a multitude of other flowers in bloom, including a number of beautiful specimens of Texas Mountain Laurel, and a spectacular yucca. The garden covers a fairly small area, but is beautifully designed and has a nice representation of local flora. This is one of the jewels hidden in El Paso. Besides the garden, the campus is worth a drive through because the architecture designs are from Bhutan, with beautiful tile patterns which are different on every building. The architectural detail is consistent throughout the campus, though the buildings were not all built at the same time.

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