Monday, May 16, 2011

Rat-Tailed Blue Snake


An original pattern by Susan Stone

Worsted weight yarn ~50g.

Size 7 DPNs, set of 5, preferably bamboo

2 ⅜” shiny

black buttons with shanks

6” pink yarn for tongue

2 markers, one solid, one split

Large-eyed needle that will fit thru button holes

Polyester fiberfill

Cast on two stitches; knit in I-cord for 2”.

Increase 1 st and continue in I-cord for 2-½”.

Increase 1 st at opposite end and continue in I-cord for 1-½”

Continue knitting in I-cord, increasing 1 st every 1-½” until you have 8 sts on needle.

Divide sts evenly among 4 needles. Place marker after 1st st on needle #1. Knit even for 1”, then increase 1 st every other needle (2 st increase per row) every 4th row, redistributing sts so each n

eedle has the same number of sts, until there are 6 sts on each needle. Place split marker in knitting for start of body. Knit straight for 12”, adding stuffing every inch or so.


Decrease 1 st at each end o

f the 1st & 3rd needles; on the nex

t row dec 1 st at center of 2nd & 4th needles.

Knit 4 rows straight. On the next row, increase to 6 st on each needle.

On the next row inc 1 st at each end of 1st & 3rd needles, while dec 1 st at each end of 2nd & 4th needles.

Decrease 1 st at each end of 2nd & 4th needles on the next row: 2 st remaining on each needle. Knit 2 rows straight


On the next 2 rows, inc 1 st at each end of 1st & 3rd needles: 12 st on each needle.

[needle 1 = 12 st, needle 2 = 2 st, needle 3 = 12 st, needle 4 = 2 st.]

Knit straight for 2”. Then decrease 1 st at each end of 1st & 3rd needles every other row twice.

Knit two st tog across each needle, transferring the single st to the needle prior: 2 needles with 5 st ea

ch. Knit 2 tog at beginning and end of each needle, then knit each of the 3 sts on front needle tog with the same st on the back needle (like 3 needle bind-off): 3 st rem. Cut the yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread tail into sewing needle, and run the needle through the rem 3 sts, taking them off the kn

itting needle. Pull tight, and push end sts in & run needle up to where the first eye will go (about 1-¼” back). Sew eye on, run needle across to sew on other eye. Run needle back to first ey

e, wrap yarn around the shank a few times & then run the end under the knitting for at least 8” to finish. Cut tail. Thread pink yarn onto needle and make a tongue by taking one back stitch. Cut ends so they are even, about 2” long.

For Male Snake: on body do increases until there are 8 sts per needle, and add 2 inches to body length. For neck and head there will be 2 sts more per needle. Make head 3” long. Use duplicate stitch to make diamond pattern on back. You may choose to knit the diamonds (rather than using duplicate stitch to add them): start the first body even with the last row of increases. Smallest diamond has 5 sts at widest point; next one & ones on head have 7 sts. Body diamonds are 13 sts wide.

The smaller ones on the tail are best done in duplicate stitch.

For Baby Snake: Cast on 2 st; work in i-cord for 1-½”. Increase 1 st & work in i-cord for another 1”. Then increase 1 st every 4 rows, alternating ends, until there are 8 st. Spread sts ac

ross 4 needles & knit 1 row. Next rnd nc 1 st on needles 1 & 3; following rnd inc 1 st on needles 2

& 4.

Knit straight for 9”. For head, inc 1 st at each end of needles 1 & 3, while decreasing 1 st on needles 2 & 4. Knit straight for 2 rows, then repeat the increase on needles 1 & 3, 18 sts total. Knit straight for 1-½”. Decrease 1 st at each end of needles 1 & 3. Then finish as for original snake. Use black yarn to make French knot eyes.

For a shorter tail:

Cast on 2 st; work in I-cord for 2 rows; then inc 1 st; k for 1-½”; 1” after next inc. Next inc every 1” until 8 st. This should result in a shorter & better looking tail.

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