Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mediterranean Cruise - Filipino Crew Show

One of the reaons I enjoy cruises on Holland America Line so much, is the crew. Most of them are either from the Philippines or from Indonesia. On a shorter cruise you will see either a Filipino show or an Indonesian show. On longer cruises, one can see both. These shows are always a treat, even though they do the same basic show each time. There are always individual touches, and different singers who do different songs each time. Attending the show is a really good way to support the crew. One of the fun things about this show is that our wine steward, Teofilo, who was in two of the dances, handed out AUTOGRAPHED programs in the dining room, before the show. He wanted to make sure that we remembered that he was THE STAR!! The amazing thing about the crew shows is that they are always done at 11 PM, after the crew is done with their long workday. Even so, they have fun and do a great job! For me the shows never get old, and I highly recommend them.

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