Sunday, September 9, 2007

Update on Thailand Adventure

For those who are interested, here are a couple of photos taken in early May, just a few weeks post surgery.

The last surgery was Tina's face lift, which was done mid-April. As of today's writing, we have healed very nicely, and with the exception of our abdomens, all numbness is gone, and everything feels completely normal. The only way we can tell we had surgery is by the difference in how we look and the scars. The surgery has helped both of us feel good about how we look.

Both of us have been faithful to massage our scars daily with cocoa butter, which has helped them to heal nicely. We recommend that everybody who goes through this kind of surgery do this, because it does help to minimize the scarring.

We recommend our surgeon (Dr. Preeyaphas Nilubol) with confidence because we believe that others will be as happy with his work as we are. And both of us would go back to him if we want further procedures done. It is not often that one can find the combination of great surgical skill and delightful personality that he has.

After spending seven weeks in Bangkok, we remember it fondly. We are glad that we went there for our plastic surgery and hope to go back to visit again.

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