Saturday, March 24, 2007

Experiencing Bangkok, Part 2

Maybe I just don't have enough to do, but I am really enjoying the view from our hotel room window. The things I see are fascinating. I have especially enjoyed watching the construction site next door, and most specifically, the backhoe operator. He is very skilled and can do things with his backhoe that I would never have imagined possible. Today I watched him pick up pieces of the metal flooring with the shovel and place them very neatly in other locations. When he deposits a load of mud into a dump truck he always does it very neatly. It is almost as if the shovel was an extension of his hand.

The other thing I saw here, early this morning, is that the guys who work on the construction site bathe on the site before starting work. The one I could see clearly was wearing a Speedo.

On the site across the street where they placed the pumps yesterday, today they built a guard rail and painted it with wide red and white diagonal stripes. All freehand, and at least from a distance, quite nicely done. One guy had the red paint, the other the white. I didn't get to see exactly how they did the whole thing, because something else required my attention, but I did see the guy with the white paint start the project.

On my walk home from the hospital today I had the opportunity to observe that push carts come in three styles: moped powered, bicycle powered, and pedestrian powered. The push carts and street food stands are everywhere.

I also had the interesting experience today of finding a pharmacy so I could buy something we needed. At first I wasn't sure I could find the place, but I did. I was also able to communicate with the pharmacist, even though I think he did not speak much English. The last part of this adventure was discovering that all the dogs that run loose here pay absolutely no attention to people like me who are walking by. That is a relief, because they are numerous.

This has been a difficult day because Tina has been sick & we had to get her admitted to the hospital. At least there was a little entertainment along the way. I'll try to get pictures posted when I get them uploaded from the camera.

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