Monday, January 15, 2007

St. Thomas

The first photo is the view of St. Thomas that greeted us from our cabin window. It made the island look very inviting.
I had been to St. Thomas 16 years prior, and it has changed greatly in the interval. The dock for the cruise ships is new to me. Last time we anchored out in the harbor & tendered in. I recognized the place where we landed, but that was about all. It was very nice to be able to just walk off the ship without needing a tender.
While we were in port there were two other ships present. One was Celebrity's Constellation, which was of interest since our next cruise is on the sister ship Millennium. The last photo shows just how big the ship is. You can see it rising above the buildings. When I cruised before, between 1987 & 1990, I was on a couple of large ships, but there was nothing the size of these new ones.
Once again we opted to spend our shore time walking. We walked from the dock to the straw market and back, which totaled about 3 miles. The walk was very pleasant, especially since there were sidewalks and the traffic was not threatening as it has been in other places. Absolutely nothing looked famliar to me.
While we were resting on a water-side bench, a pelican landed in the water just a few feet from us, which was interesting. But by far the best thing we saw was the lawn covered with wild iguanas. They seemed to be as curious about us as we were about them.
We will be returning to St. Thomas next week on the Millennium, & hopefully I will have adventures & new pictures to share.

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