Friday, December 21, 2007

Norfolk Botanical Garden, Norfolk, Virginia

I have not been in the habit of reviewing local attractions, but the 'Garden of Lights' Christmas light display at the Norfolk Botanical Garden in Norfolk, Virginia is definitely worth mentioning. Earlier this month I had been with a group of friends to see the lights at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, Virginia, and found it quite enjoyable. Their best display was a peacock, which was gorgeous. But their display as a whole, paled next to the display in Norfolk. From the point where you drive into the Norfolk Botanical Garden, well before you pay for your tickets, there are beautiful displays to view. This display is a drive-through, so you can't get cold while enjoying the display.

Each individual light display was clear and crisp and well done, with no lights missing. some had movement, like a frog diving into a pond, or a waving snow man. There was a beautiful windmill that first brought home to me the quality of the displays. There were identifiable flowers, mushrooms, butterflies,a caterpillar, a train, an aircraft carrier, and displays taking you through all the seasons of the year, from spring through harvest, through Christmas. There were several trees that were completely and fully decked out in lights, and one area that was apparently supposed to be the night sky - a huge expanse of "stars" with a moon.

Alas, I did not have my camera, and even if I did I'm not good at night pictures with it. But I highly recommend the 'Garden of Lights' at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. It is well worth the $10 per car it costs to get in. Of all the light displays I've seen, it is by far the best, very professional and perfectly maintained.

By way of information, it is possible to buy a combination ticket to see both Norfolk and the Virginia Beach boardwalk displays at the Norfolk Botanical Garden, but they must be purchased from the Botanical Garden on December 1, the first day of ticket sales, because they sell out quickly.


Anonymous said...

Hey Susan! Wow, I came to work today and found out that you did my job for me. You wrote a wonderful review of The Garden of Lights at Norfolk Botanical Garden in Virginia! I do some of the PR at NBG and could not have written it better. We love to hear that others enjoy our light show as much as we do. Did you like our newest display, the 120 ft long fire breathing baby dragon. We need a name for him, have any suggestions? Thank you and may you have a wonderful 2008. AMY at NBG

Jesusan said...

Hi Amy,
I finally figured out how to find your comment. So glad I was able to help you. You are welcome to refer people to it or otherwise use it as it would be helpful to you. Loved the dragon. When I saw it I thought it might be Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. However, in one of my weird moments I started thinking that Cuddles would be a cute name, because it is a really personable dragon. I also wish you a wonderful 2008, & please know that I have been telling my friends about your display also.